How It Works – Creating the Platform

The idea

Work begins

Spreading the word

The launch

Businesses start to reap the benefits

The results

Click to watch the people of Greenville use the app, to see how the platform benefits users, and in turn how each business benefits…


There are 31.7 million small businesses in the USA today. The majority are unable to use Google or Facebook ads as a marketing channel as these options are prohibitively expensive and complex.


The current model is wide open to abuse by bad actors. In addition to this, social media firms make money by provoking anger and division.


Users have had enough of their personal data being captured without their consent by Big Tech companies

Our new Internet model can fix these problems.

No need for content to chase eyeballs and clicks.

Businesses are rewarded by the quality of their response, which encourages good-quality content.

Best of all, it is open source.