The Ethical Web

The 5 pillars of the Ethical Web

An internet that decentralises profits and data collection charges a license fee for using its Open Source platform, but the majority of the revenue that is generated by any Super Apps built from our open-source app templates goes to the app owners, not to

An internet that protects citizens' rights to privacy

Using our model, consumers can be completely anonymous - we capture no personal data and no behavioural data.

An internet that levels the playing field for businesses

Search results are currently distorted by those with the deepest pockets. With our model, suppliers' search priority is determined by their performance alone with all suppliers paying a simple flat monthly fee.

An internet that combats social and cultural division

Social media companies deliberately provoke anger and division to get more eyeballs, clicks and revenues. This absolutely does not need to be the case.

An internet that is not corrupted by advertising

The Adtech* industry has distorted the Internet, so content providers are just chasing eyeballs and clicks. Content quality and veracity are sacrificed for controversy and lies.

*Adtech refers to the tools and software used by brands, publishers, platforms etc. to target their advertising methods and to measure their success, allowing tailoring of their advertising.