How it works – Using the Platform

Single search across multiple businesses

See how the user can input all of their criteria, and the platform runs a single search with all criteria across multiple businesses.

Reviews and messaging

See how the user is able to check reviews for businesses, and easily contact the businesses through in-app messaging

Search improvement suggestions

See how the platform can suggest improvements to a user search in order to give them better results

Concierge Search

See how our patented asynchronous (or concierge) search works, with the user’s criteria constantly being checked until a result is found for them

Privacy and search flexibility

See how a user’s privacy in protected as no personal information is required to use the app. Search flexibility is also suggested to give the user better results

Click to watch how Greenville decided to make use of the platform how benefit their community…

The ethical web begins here

The Internet is broken, and it needs to change. The Tim Berners-Lee Internet model was not designed for commercial utility, so it is failing. We have designed a new Internet model that disrupts and fixes this increasingly dysfunctional system. In order to deliver this new model we have secured it with patents that have been granted in the USA and four other territories. These patents and our IP have subsequently been validated and valued by independent third parties.


There are 31.7 million small businesses in the USA today. The majority are unable to use Google or Facebook ads as a marketing channel as these options are prohibitively expensive and complex.


The current model is wide open to abuse by bad actors. In addition to this, social media firms make money by provoking anger and division.


Users have had enough of their personal data being captured without their consent by Big Tech companies

Our new Internet model can fix these problems.

No need for content to chase eyeballs and clicks.

Businesses are rewarded by the quality of their response, which encourages good-quality content.

Best of all, it is open source.