EthicalWeb.Ai History

BUBBLR Limited was originally a U.K. business (Company No. 09012621) and was founded by Steve Morris in April 2014. Our mission has always been to be an ethical technology business focussing on fixing inequality of the current online economic model and combating the ease with which misinformation and disinformation can quickly spread online.

BUBBLR prides itself on being an ethical technology business, and we ensure all our employees have stock in the company and all our invoices are paid on the receipt.

BUBBLR was founder-funded as the tech requirements were mapped out. In 2018, external fundraising began raising over $500k. In 2019, BUBBLR raised a further $2m. We currently have over 693 shareholders.

Bubblr, Inc. was listed on OTC Markets as BBLR in January 2021. Bubblr, Inc became the holding company, and Bubblr Limited became the UK subsidiary of Bubblr, Inc. Largely north American directors and advisory board members were appointed in 2021 as the company became a US entity both legally and operationally.

In April 2021, our patent titled Internet Search Mechanism was granted by the USPTO. As well as the United States of America our patent has also been granted in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

On November 17, 2022, Bubblr, Inc. (the “Company”) announces the filing of US Patent Application No. 17/980,298 entitled “Contextual Enveloping Via Dynamically Generated Hyperlinking.”

This utility patent application, filed on November 3, 2022, aims to facilitate a more efficient way to search for information on the internet rather than using the traditional search engine-based model. This newly filed patent application can be considered a sister patent to the Company’s main US Patent No. 10977387, entitled “Internet Search Mechanism” and aims to improve the efficiency of searching for information.

Prior to joining Bubblr on February, 2023, Mr. Chetwood worked for over twelve years at Westmont Industries Group in California as CFO Secretary. He worked for five years for Compass Aerospace as EVP Finance. He worked for twenty-one years for GKN in various positions in the UK and USA, and his final position was GKN Aerospace (North America) VP Finance and Secretary.

Continuing our 2023 strategy the Company was delighted to announce 2 new members to it’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Burks was CEO of Santech Solutions, a boutique consulting company focused on helping customers create new products and services in the IT, Telecommunications, and Data Center fields. Prior to Santech, Tim was COO of Telecom Asset Management, a global Telecom and Data Center Infrastructure Advisory firm. Prior to joining TAM, Tim was a Partner with Accenture, where he led both organic and acquisition-based new business launches. He also served as the COO for Accenture Marketing Sciences and Managing Director of Accenture Business Resilience Services. Prior to joining Accenture, Tim co-founded and served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for London-based CityReach International, Ltd, a Pan-European provider of complex data center facilities management and managed IT hosting services. Mr. Burks held international leadership positions with internet pioneers PSINet and ANS Communications, the networking division of America-On-Line. His early career was spent in the U.S. Army as an Electronic Warfare and Communications Systems Specialist in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Professor Paul Morrissey is a globally renowned figure in the world of Telecommunications and Media. He is a serial technology entrepreneur and a visiting Professor at some of the leading Universities in Europe, including Liverpool John Moores University, where he is the ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’. The Professor is also the Global Ambassador for AI, Big Data Analytics, and Customer Experience at TM Forum, the Global Standards body for Telecommunications. He also sits as an active advisory board member at the industry-agnostic entity AI Forum and has recently been appointed to the inaugural Board of the World Broad-Band Association (WBBA). In 2022 he was appointed to the Advisory Board of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) at the UK House of Lords, overseeing policy directives for the safe use of Web3.0 and the Metaverse. He also sits on the advisory board of EXFO, the Canadian Fibre Monitoring company.

 On April 4, 2023 the Company completed its uplist to the OTC:QB exchange.